What is the best college graduation gift?

It’s the question that University Icons resolves. Whether you are searching for a college graduation gift or a development professional looking to simplify your job, you have come to the right place!


Fine Art Print as a Gift

University Icons is a resource for anyone who appreciates architecture and who wishes to own or give a gift of a fine art print. A framed fine art image is an ideal way to recognize one’s association with their college or university. In addition to making a handsome college graduation gift, it’s an ideal way to recognize retirement, departure, achievement or any special occasion or recognition. Museum quality giclée prints are available unframed or framed; delivered anywhere in a matter of a few days.




Development professionals

Framed prints are an ideal gift to recognize donor contributions, in connection with a specific or annual fund raising campaign, and in particular to recognize first time donors and/or alumni members. Contact University Icons to develop a donor recognition package tailored to your specific needs. We can provide individual drop shipments of bulk orders.

College and University Clubs/Associations

We offer special discounts to clubs and associations to help you raise funds. Contact us for details.

Digital and Print Rights Licensing

We offer digital and print rights licensing for all our images. Please click on the CONTACT button above. We will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.